Insight of A.B.L.

Established in 2009, a decade, and counting, of providing consumers with affordable quality products, A.B.L. has progressively transformed from a small microbiology company producing ready-2-use plates, PPM, to a manufacturing and distribution company across Indonesia, with eye sets to the International Market. Affordability and sustainability as our core value, our products have been well received by the market, through our precarious research and development for innovative products.

Our loyal clients range from Food & Beverage industries, Research Facilities, Public & Government Hospitals, Clinical & Pharmaceutical Industries through to Universities, Agriculture and Cosmetics Industries. Humbled and thankful that we can provide products and services to world class companies and institutes across Indonesia.

Our Values & Principles

Our business values and principles require the highest standard in code of conduct in everything we touch, from selecting suppliers, customer service to the selection of packaging materials that would be sustainable and environmentally friendly, while giving back to the community. We choose business model that creates life partnership instead of a one-off transaction, with not only our customers but also our suppliers, while holding high regard to respect and integrity.

Our Strategy

Our business model begins with consumer insight, finding underlying needs to every problem, we dedicate our business to finding solution to problem, and using our resources to achieve products that is both sustainable and affordable while maintaining a healthy growth. Support from our supply chain, distribution network, marketing and advertising team, enabled us to strongly penetrate the market with efficiency.


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