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Terms and Conditions (“User Terms”) by PT. Agarindo Biological Company (“We, Our, Ours, Us“) is an integral part of our website at www.agarindo-biological.com (“Website”). By accessing, downloading, using, and registering on Our Website, the User ("You, Yours") is deemed to have known, read, agreed and therefore is subject to a full and voluntary commitment to the terms and conditions that We have made.

  1. Definition
    1. We are a manufacturing and distribution company that conducts online laboratory goods trading business activities (hereinafter referred to as “goods”), through our Website, to promote and pursue buying and selling transactions with buyers.
    2. User Terms is an agreement between You and Us that contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between You and Us, and the procedures of using Our service system.
    3. User is party who use/s Our services, both individuals and/or legal entities, which include buyers registered on our Website.
    4. Buyer is You who has been registered on Our Website and make a purchase of goods sold on Our Website.
    5. Device is electronic equipment which is used by any User to use or experience Our services through Our Website.
    6. Payment Gateway is a transaction media provided by Our Website for direct payment from Buyer to Seller through Us in business activities conducted electronically or online.
    7. Invoice is a billing document given by us to Buyer, in electronic or non-electronic form, which at least contains information on the name, quantity, type, price, total value of goods purchased, and cost to ship goods (if any) as well as payment deadline.
    8. Business Days are day when banks in Indonesia operate to carry out clearing activities.
    9. Calendar Days are all days contained in the Indonesian calendar including holidays and Business Days.
    10. Goods are laboratory goods which are sold through Our Site.
  2. Your Account
    1. Before using Our Website, You must register by providing information needed by Us.
    2. When registering, we will ask you to provide your full name and email address, your mobile number, and other information we deem important. After registering, our team will review your registration, once the review is complete it will automatically send an account activation link via email that you have registered on our site.
    3. When registering, You must provide accurate, complete and current information, and agree to submit to Us with proof of identity that We may request for security reasons or other obvious reasons in the interest for smooth transaction and process.
    4. You hereby declare that You are a competent User according to regulations and are able to enter into a legal agreement.
    5. You who have registered are entitled to act as Buyers by using Our services that are available on the Website.
    6. Your account can only be used by You and cannot be transferred to another person for any reason.
    7. We have the authority to close Your account, both temporarily and permanently if no login activity or transaction activity is found within a certain period of time, there are frauds in transactions and/or acts of violation of the User Terms created by Us. You are personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your account and password for all activities that occur on Your account.
    8. If Your account has been hacked or misused by another party or if Your personal mobile phone or tablet or device is lost, stolen, hacked or infected with a virus, it is Your obligation to immediately report to Us, so We can immediately take the necessary action to avoid usage, misuse or loss which arise or may arise later. The loss caused by Your negligence to report to Us, whether intentionally or not, is Your full responsibility.
    9. You are legally responsible for any of Your statements made through our Website including but not limited to reviews, questions, comments, and suggestions that are unlawful because they contain elements which include but not limited to defamation, harassment, insults, lies, and cyber crime as referred to in the Law and Regulations on Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE).
    10. You are required to maintain the confidentiality of the password and ensure that the password is only used by authorized parties or those appointed by the User to manage User accounts on Our Site.
    11. Users acknowledge and agree that the use of User ID, Password, when registering for User account, activating User account, or changing User account password on Our Site has the same legal force as a written order signed by Users and therefore Users state that the use of User ID, Password in every transaction or application on Our Site is also an authorization from the User to A.B.L to process Users’ request(s) further.
  3. Purchase Transactions
    1. Account holder will act on behalf of the Buyer and will follow terms and conditions set forth. Buyer will use method of payment listed on Website.
    2. By placing an order through Our Website, the Buyer agrees to pay the total costs to be paid as stated in the payment page, which consists of the price of goods, taxes, shipping costs, and other costs that may arise and will be explicitly described in payment page.
    3. Buyer understand and agree that the availability of goods is the responsibility of the Seller who offers the goods. The availability of goods may change at any time, and if the goods is not available for sale, the Seller will reject the order and if the payment has been paid by the Buyer then we will provide refund within 10 (ten) Business Days.
    4. Buyer fully understands and agrees that all Buyer payment transactions are made through payment gateways for cash payments.
    5. Buyer fully understands and agrees Invoice & item(s) printed based on Purchase Order are not refundable / returned / replaced unless damaged upon received.
    6. it is the duty of the receiver that all goods are received and inspected for any damage before signature of acceptance.
    7. Confirmation of payments made by the Buyer will be obtained by the Buyer through a Payment Gateway, as well as through relevant Financing Institution, so that the Buyer does not need to confirm the payment.
    8. Purchase confirmation will be given in the form of electronic order confirmation which can be downloaded by Buyer on Buyer’s Account on Our Website.
    9. Buyers are required to add a shipping address, before making the first purchase on Our Site and after adding a new shipping address on Our Site.
    10. After shipment is done and goods has been received properly and completely, other documents such as invoices, and tax invoices from Seller can be downloaded by Buyer in the Buyer’s Account on Our Website.
    11. Buyer acknowledge and accept that purchases made and/or paid for on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and the last date of the month, may result in delayed issuance of documentation such as Invoice and Tax Invoice from the Seller. These documentations, if delayed, will issued on the next business day.
  4. Payment Method
    1. Buyer is obligated to pay in accordance with the total amount listed on the payment page and pay according to the methods provided on Our Website.
    2. The buyer is obliged to receive and unload the goods received on the same day as the day of arrival of the goods. In the event that the Buyer does not accept and unload the Goods on the same day, the Buyer agrees for all forms of damage to the goods beyond our responsibility.
    3. Any Payment that has been made by a Buyer and has been processed by Us, cannot be canceled by the Buyer for any reason.
  5. Your Responsibilities
    1. You are fully responsible for Your account registered in Our Website at the time of use or when accessing Our Website
    2. You are fully responsible for all personal data and information that is provided to Us, which is contained in the Website, including legal consequences arises from it, especially those that are detrimental to us and other parties affiliated with Us.
    3. You are responsible for any losses incurred as a result of negligence in Your use of Our Website, both directly and indirectly, including in the event of Your personal account being hacked.
  6. Our Limitation of Liability
    1. We provide the Website as is and do not declare or guarantee that the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy, completeness or security of our Website can meet your needs and will meet your expectations, including but not limited to Services, Third Party Content, Offers and Payment Methods which are entirely the responsibility of the Service Provider, and the Payment Method Provider.
    2. We are not responsible for any delays, shipping failures, losses or damage caused by circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to Force Majeure, failures or errors made by Service Providers and the Payment Method Provider or User failure or error while complying with User Terms, as well as provisions of Service Providers, Payment Method Providers, and Termination by the User before the service is completed.
    3. We will always try our best to provide the latest information according to Our knowledge based on the data available to Us including but not limited to price changes, inventory quantity, and product specifications. However, in the event of sudden change of price or inventory quantity that occurs outside of our control and knowledge, in which You already order goods and/or already make payments, We will offer You several options as follows :
      1. Transaction can be continued with the latest price adjustment accompanied by a refund of your excess payment, if the current price is lower that the last price listed on Our Website and/or Application, or it will be Your obligation to make additional payment if the current price is higher than the last price listed on Our Website.
      2. Transactions can be cancelled, and We will refund Your payment.
  7. Guaranty
    1. The buyer can submit a guarantee related to the quantity of goods within 1 (one) Business Day after the goods are received and inspected by the Buyer, if the goods received does not match quantity ordered, We will send the shortage of said order.

      Our Website includes names and logos, all program codes, applications, designs, databases, business models and services, protected by copyright, trademark and other rights provided under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia so that all forms of abuse by any party other than Our party and/or without a valid and proven written permission by and from Us is actually a form of violation of the law.

  8. Our Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Our Website includes names and logos, all program codes, applications, designs, databases, business models and services, protected by copyright, trademark and other rights provided under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia so that all forms of abuse by any party other than Our party and/or without a valid and proven written permission by and from Us is actually a form of violation of the law.

  9. Our Discretion
    1. We have the right to unilaterally change including but not limited to privacy policies and service fees, payment methods, business models, User Terms, the length of time your account is suspended as a result of our investigations, government, law enforcement agencies, and reports of account hacking, and/or if You have passed away.

  10. Force Majeure
    1. Force Majeure is all circumstances that occur beyond the control and reasonable ability of human beings including but not limited to natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, landslides, plagues, etc.), riots, declarations of war, military actions, terrorists actions, embargoes, sanctions, changes to laws or regulations, lightning, hurricanes / tornadoes / cyclones, strikes, demonstrations, other problems caused by third parties both in the use of internet and electronic communications, including your device, the Offer Provider or Payment Method Provider is damaged, is not connected to the internet, is out of range, is turned off or is not functioning.

  11. Closing and others
    1. This agreement will be regulated and agreed in accordance with the Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

      In the event of a dispute, differences of opinion and/or disagreement regarding the content between Indonesian and English, the Indonesian language version will prevail.

      In the case of conflict and/or disagreement by the User of this User Terms, the User must delete the User’s account and send Us an e-mail to delete the User’s account from Our Website.

      Last updated Agustus 6th, 2021.


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