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The method is very easy. You just need to follow these three steps:
  1. Please visit http://agarindo-biological.com/company/register
  2. Complete the required information
  3. Upload supporting documents such as ID CARD or TAX ID & SIUP .
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  • Get discount every period
  • Already iso certificate
  • Have official permission from the relevant ministry
  • Quality products
  • Orders will be processed 1x24 hours

  • How is the shipping process?
  • for members who are in the coverage area, our courier will send directly to your place, if you are outside our coverage area, then a third party courier delivery service will deliver your order.

  • Which areas are the coverage of ABL delivery?
  • ABL Logistics only covers the JABODETABEK area, if you are outside JABODETABEK can choose the delivery service that we have provided, please choose the delivery service that suits your needs.

  • How soon can I receive my purchase?
  • Incoming orders will be processed according to the order within 1x24 hours according to operational hours, orders that have been processed will be sent immediately.

Product and Purchase

The prices listed on our website are the latest prices. the price listed does not include tax.

You can directly contact us via live chat, email or telephone, a maximum of 1x24 hours after the package is received, and include supporting documentation.

You can do tracking for deliveries outside JABODETAK using third party delivery services, and you can also contact us or our couriers directly for JABODETABEK delivery.

ABL has carried out ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications and has permits from the relevant ministries for all products sold.


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