How to Order

Register New Account

Click Register Member on the ABL homepage.

You can create a new account in two events, namely:

  1. Register as a company
    • Select Register as Company
    • Please fill in the required information, upload the supporting documents then click Register Company Account
    • A notification from ABL will be sent to your registered email address within 24 hours.
  2. Register as an Individual
    • Choose to Register an Individual Account
    • Please fill the required information
    • You will receive an account activation email, please click to activate your account.
Login on ABL

Once approved by ABL, you will be able to login using the following method:

  1. Insert the Email and Password on the ABL homepage under My Account, then click Login
Search for Products

Search by product name in the Search Bar

  1. Type product name in the Search Bar, located on the upper middle part of the ABL homepage.
  2. Choose the Product Category for your desired product.
View Product Details Page

  1. Click product name detailed product specification.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to view product detail, Certificate , and Product license. Please remember the contents may change and ABL will try to update it regularly but cannot guarantee its accuracy over time.
Add to Truck

  1. Enter the desired quantity, the system will adjust the price according to the amount. Click Add to Truck.
View My Truck

  1. Hover the cursor over the My Truck icon at the top right of the screen. Click on Show all my Shopping Truck review the contents of your truck before checking out.
Adding Shipping Address

  1. Choose a shipping address (if there is already a shipping address)
  2. Click Add New Shipping Address on my truck page(to add shipping address)
  3. Then the form will appear add new shipping address.
  4. Fill in the form correctly such as full name, mobile phone number, country, provinces, city or districts and subdistrict, street address and postal code
Place Order

  1. After the shipping address has been successfully added, choose one of your addresses for product delivery
  2. Then click proceed to checkout
Member Discount

  1. The discount will appear and add up automatically on your purchases for members who already have discounts.
Voucher Discount

  1. Click use voucher to add your shopping voucher.
Delivery Service

  1. If the delivery address is still in JABODETABEK it will be automatically free
  2. If the delivery address is outside JABODETABEK, please choose a delivery service
Process Chackout

  1. After the voucher and delivery service have been added, please click proceed to checkout to proceed with payment

  1. After the invoice is generated, then click payment.
Payment Method

  1. A pop up will appear to select a payment method.


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